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MatchUp Padel - Test is looking for testers

Part of the MatchUp Padel testing family

MatchUp Padel - Test, V 4

Developed by Ignacio Borrajo

What we are looking after is to test the usability and design of the app. The perfect test would be to install the app, create a user, create a new match, add some players, set a score for the match and check the statistics. That would be much appreciated besides using...
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No special requirements but it would be great if the tester is a padel player although padel is not worldwide spread but it is growing very fast so maybe some of you know about this amazing sport.


Male & Female

13-99 years old

Android 3.2 - 8.1.0

Phone, Tablet, Wearable

All corners of the world

23 people are testing this app. Join them!

  Available 14 March - 21 March